Welcome to the neighborhood

Today, the Edgehill neighborhood is a community of diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities. This neighborhood has existed for more than 200 years, and is currently made up of commercial entities, single-family homes, and subsidized housing.  Many families are low-income, making this area, as a whole, one of the poorest in Davidson County. However, as it continues to develop and change, the Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership, along with our neighbors, faith communities, and community partners, seeks to be a catalyst for innovative approaches addressing issues of equity, education, jobs, and safety for all the residents, in order to build an even more vibrant community in which to live, work, and play. 

Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership was born out of the hearts of neighbors and the people in Edgehill United Methodist Church. ENP is about neighbors doing what neighbors do – helping each other and strengthening our community.

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What We Do


The Spot

An after-school program where high school girls from the Edgehill neighborhood are nurtured through positive relationships, as they work to become their best selves.


The FreeStore

A small community shop, centered on the free exchange of donated new or pre-used goods where neighbors work together, eat together, and share household goods.


Housing Advocacy

We are actively engaged in advocating for affordable housing and just-housing practices in our city. We speak for justice in the Edgehill community and beyond.

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