About The FreeStore

Opened in late 2011, the FreeStore is a small community shop, centered on the free exchange of donated new or pre-used goods among neighbors. With over 1,300 registered shoppers from Nashville and beyond, the FreeStore offers a place for volunteers and shoppers from all walks of life to work together, eat together, and share household goods. Since our founding, more than 20,000 items have circulated through the store.

Why a FreeStore?

The FreeStore was founded as a space of sharing, centered on the exchange of donated, new or gently used goods among neighbors. With this central purpose in mind, the FreeStore has three guiding principles:

1) Sharing and Redistribution – While we live in a city with an abundance of material wealth there is a dramatically unequal distribution of this wealth. There are many that have a hard time gaining access to basic amenities such as household goods. With this framing in mind, the FreeStore provides a small yet effective way for neighbors to enact an ethic of sharing and redistribution.

2) Collective Participation – The FreeStore strives for the inclusive participation, leadership and direction of its members. This means that whether you participate through shopping, donating, volunteering or any combination of these, we want your voice guiding how we do things. In addition, the FreeStore is run by member-volunteers.

3) Hospitality – The FreeStore strives to be a welcoming space where the coffee pot is always on and everyone is treated with care and respect. Whether you come to shop, donate, volunteer or enjoy the company of neighbors, all are welcome!

Who are our members?

Since it’s founding in 2011, the FreeStore’s registered membership has grown to over 1,300 with 35-60 people coming through the store every time the doors open. Our membership is comprised of folks from all over Nashville (and even a few folks from out of state) but the majority of participating members are from the Edgehill neighborhood itself. Many shop at the store to find fun and unique items while others find necessities. The FreeStore is run by member-volunteers.

How does shopping work?

All interested persons are invited to become a member of the FreeStore. Each member receives a membership card and is able to choose a set number of color-coded items each time the store is open (exact limits depend on available inventory). The FreeStore focuses only on household items: dishes, kitchen tools, small appliances, electronics, bedding, kitchen & bath linens, toys and books.  We also provide personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies.

WhaT the FreeStore Community Has to SaY:

“The FreeStore means so many things to me. Inclusion, sharing, a place to serve and be served. I never anticipated so much Joy! What a blessing.” Debby - Volunteer & Shopper

“The FreeStore means to me to have and get items I need especially toiletry items that I can’t buy at the moment.  It helps a lot.  If it wasn’t for this store, I would not have certain things that are necessary.” Lena - Shopper

“It means a lot to me to be part of the FreeStore, a place where neighbors and the community gather together and minister to one another. The FreeStore is a blessing.” Janice - Volunteer

“It helps me to get things that I can’t afford and that I need in my home, like lamps, spreads, and dishes. I am thankful to get to help.” Sandra - Shopper

“FreeStore means to me a way to give back to my community but also is a way for the community to give back to me as a volunteer. I have received so much joy getting to talk and eat with shoppers.” Patrick - Volunteer

“I was in need of so many things that I couldn’t afford and this place helped me out. Their good will offerings restored my faith in humanity and showed that this sector of society is not forgotten. It’s a beautiful work and I try to give back as often as I can.  I appreciate the care they give to people and the quality of home goods they have.”  Sharon - Shopper

“The FreeStore is synonymous with “connection” for me. I’ve never quite felt the same energy around a sense of community like I have here.” Savannah - Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer:

1st and 3rd Saturdays (8:30-12:00)
Volunteer hosts are needed to welcome guests, register members, guide shoppers, help prepare food, play with the kids, stock the shelves and run the check out desk.

Shelving Tuesdays (12:30pm - 2:30pm)
Volunteers are needed to help sort donations and prepare the store for Saturday shoppers. We gather on the Tuesday prior to the 1st and 3rd Saturdays to make sure everything is stocked and ready for Saturday! Interested in volunteering? Click here for more information!

Interested in donating?

We would love that! Just a reminder: because we respect the dignity of all who volunteer and shop at The FreeStore, we only accept donations that are new, gently-used, unbroken, and clean. DONATIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please reach out to Pat to set up a time.

Thank you!

Items we need:

  • Household goods

  • Small appliances

  • Pots and pans

  • Electronics

  • Children's toys and books

  • New personal hygiene items

  • New cleaning supplies

  • Linens

  • Toiletries

  • Toilet paper

Items we do not take:

  • Clothes

  • Unclean items or those or in bad condition

  • Food

  • Anything larger than a microwave

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